CloudExpress transfers files lightning-quick to anyone around the world.


Real fast, real easy.

We built CloudExpress to make file tranfers effortless. Regardless of the size or file type, with CloudExpress, your files will always reach their destination.


Xtremely large files? We got your back.

With CloudExpress, you can transfer files of up to 2.5GB for free. For larger files, we charge a nominal fee of €0.0005 cents per MB.

How it works

How It Works

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Privacy & Acceptable Usage Policy

When you upload a file or files to our site you accept responsilibty that they are being transferred from your device to temporary storage on our servers located in Dublin, Ireland but may also be replicated to our servers in other parts of the world.

You accept that your files may be viewed by parties other than the intended reciptients if the intended recipients share download links with said other parties.

You accept that we do not store your files for longer than 7 days and are thereafter permanently deleted from temporary storage. You accept responsibility for the type of content you share with others.

If you transfer copyrighted or material deemed illegal we will report your IP address and email addresses to relevant authorities upon receipt of complaint.


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